CS5505-BS Datasheet – CMOS A/D Converter

Part Number : CS5505-BS

Function : Very low-power, 16/20-bit A/D conveter

Package : DIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Cirrus Logic

Pinouts :

CS5505-BS datasheet


Description :

The CS5505/6/7/8 are a family of low power CMOS A/D converters which are ideal for measuring low-frequency signals representing physical, chemical, and biological processes.

The CS5507/8 have single-channel differential analog and reference ni puts while the CS5505/6 have four pseudo-differential anloag inupt hcannels. Teh CS5505/7 have a 16b-it output word. The CS5506/8
have a 20-bit output word.The CS5505/6/7/8 sample upon command up to 100 Sps.


1. Very Low Power Consumption
2. Single supply +5 V operation: 1.7 mW
3. Dual supply ±5 V operation: 3.2 mW
4. Offers superior performance to VFCs and multi-slope integrating ADCs
5. Differential Inputs
6. Single-channel (CS5507/8) and Four-chann (CS5505/6) pseudo-differential versions
7. Either 5 V or 3.3 V Digital Interface

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