CS8563S Datasheet PDF – 4.5WX2, 2-Channel Audio Amplifier

Part Number : CS8563S

Function : Ultra Low EMI, 4.5WX2, Dual Channel Class D Audio Amplifier

Package :  SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Toshiba

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CS8563S datasheet amplifier

Description :

The CS8563S dual-channel audio power amplifier is designed for systems that require high-quality audio power output. It uses surface mount technology to provide high-quality audio output power with a small number of peripheral components. The device features a dual-channel design that allows the chip to have both a bridge-connected speaker amplification and a single-terminal stereo headphone amplification, simplifying the peripheral circuitry of the audio system. The CS8563S has a built-in low-power standby circuit and overheat protection circuitry, as well as a built-in noise cancellation circuit that eliminates clicks and pops during chip startup and shutdown.

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CS8563S Datasheet PDF

CS8563S pdf