CTM8B55EM Datasheet PDF – 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller

Part Number : CTM8B55EM

Function : EPROM-based 8-bit CMOS Microcontroller

Package : DIP 28 Pin Type


Pinouts :
CTM8B55EM datasheet

Description :

CTM8B5X series is an EPROM based 8-bit microcontroller which employs a full CMOS technology enhanced with low-cost, high speed and high noise immunity.  Watchdog Timer, RAM, EPROM, tri-state I/O port, power down mode, and real time programmable clock/counter are integrated into this chip.CTM8B5X contains 33 instructions, all are single cycle except for program branches which take two cycles. On chip memory is available with 512×14 bits of EPROM for CTM8B54E/55E, 1Kx14 bits of EPROM for CTM8B56E, 2Kx14 bits of EPROM for CTM8B57E and 24 to 72 bytes of static RAM.


1. Total of 33 single word instructions .
2. The fast execution time may be 200ns for all single cycle instructions under 20MHz operating.
3. Operating voltage range: 2.3V ~ 6.5V
4. 8-bit data bus.
5. 14-bit instruction word.
6. Four-level stacks.
7. Internal power-on Reset.
8. Device Reset Timer.
9. Code protection.
10. Sleep mode for power saving.

Block Diagram

Other data sheets within the file : CTM8B54E, CTM8B54EN, CTM8B54EP, CTM8B556E, CTM8B556EN

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