CW7805 PDF Datasheet – 5V, 1.5A, Voltage Regulator

This post explains for the semiconductor CW7805.

The Part Number is CW7805.

The function of this semiconductor is 5V, 1.5A, Voltage Regulator.

Manufacturers : ETC


CW7805 pdf datasheet regulator

Description :

The CW78XX family is monolithic fixed voltage regulator integrated circuit. They are suitable for applications that required supply current up to 1.5 A.


1. High Efficiency Linear Regulator
2. Post Regulation for Switching Supply
3. Microprocessor Power Supply
4. Mother Board


Other data sheets within the file : CW7805G, CW78M05Z, CW7812, CW7815

CW7805 PDF Datasheet


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