CXA1619BS Datasheet – FM/AM Radio IC

Part Number : CXA1619BS

Function : One-chip FM/AM radio IC

Package : DIP 30 Pin Type


Pinouts :

CXA1619BS datasheet

Description :

CXA1619BM / CXA1619BS is a one-chip FM/AM radio IC designed for radio-cassette tape recorders and headphone tape recorders, and has the following functions.


CXA1619BM, CXA1619BS Pinout


1. RF amplifier, Mixer and OSC (incorporating AFC variable capacitor).
2. IF amplifier
3. Quadrature detection
4. Tuning LED driver
5. RF amplifier, Mixer and OSC (with RF AGC)
6. IF amplifier (with IF AGC)
7. Detector
8. Tuning LED driver
9. Electronic volume control




Other data sheets within the file : CXA1619, CXA1619BM

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