CYS25G0101DX Datasheet – SONET OC-48 Transceiver

Part Number : CYS25G0101DX

Function : SONET OC-48 Transceiver

Package : 120-pin TQFP Type

Manufacturers : Cypress Semiconductor

Pinouts :

CYS25G0101DX datasheet


Description :

The CYS25G0101DX SONET OC-48 Transceiver is a communications building block for high speed SONET data communications. It provides complete parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel conversion, clock generation, and clock and data recovery operations in a single chip optimized for full SONET compliance.

Transmit Path

New data is accepted at the 16-bit parallel transmit interface at a rate of 155.52 MHz. This data is passed to a small integrated FIFO to enable flexible transfer of data between the SONET processor and the transmit serializer. As each 16-bit word is read from the transmit FIFO, it is serialized and sent out to the high speed differential line driver at a rate of 2.488 Gbits per second.


Automotive Qualified N
Functions Transceiver
Standard OC-48
Min. Operating Voltage (V) 3.00
8B / 10B ENDEC N
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) 0
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 70
Max. Speed (Mbps) 2488
No. of Channels 1
Min. Speed (Mbps) 155
Max. Operating Voltage (V) 3.60

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