D10 PDF Datasheet – Memory Micromodule

The Part Number is D10.

The function of this semiconductor is Memory Micromodules General Information for D1/ D2 and C Packaging.

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

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Description :

Memory Cards consist of two main parts: the plastic card, and the embedded Micromodule
(which, in turn, carries the silicon chip). The plastic card is made of PVC, ABS or similar material, and can be over-printed with graphics, text, and magnetic strips. The Micromodule is embedded in a cavity in the plastic card.

Features :

Memory Micromodules General Information for D1, D2 and C Packaging s Micromodules were developed specifically for embedding in Smartcards and Memory Cards The Micromodule provides: – Support for the chip – Electrical contacts – Suitable embedding interface for gluing the module to the plastic package potting side contact side s D15 s Physical dimensions and contact positions compliant to the ISO 7816 standard Micromodules delivered as a continuous Super 35 mm tape. (This differs from the standard 35 mm tape in the spacing distance between the indexing holes.)  […]


D10 Datasheet