D1266 Datasheet – Vcbo=60V, NPN Transistor

Part Number : D1266, 2SD1266, D1266A

Function : Silicon NPN triple diffusion planar type transistor

Package : TO-220 Type

Manufactures : Panasonic


D1266 transistor


The D1266 is a silicon NPN transistor, Vcbo = 60V, Ic = 3A.

Applications: audio frequency stage, power switch

For power amplification
Complementary to 2SB941 and 2SB941A


D1266 pinout datasheet


1. High forward current transfer ratio hFE which has satisfactory linearity
2. Low collector to emitter saturation voltage VCE(sat)
3. Full-pack package which can be installed to the heat sink with one screw

D1266 Datasheet