D1843 Datasheet – Darlington Power Transistor – NEC

Part Number : D1843, 2SD1843

Function : NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor ( Darlington Connection )

Manufactures : NEC


D1843 darlinton transistor


The D1843 is a Darlington connection transistor with on-chip dumper diode in collector to emitter and zener diode in collector to base. This transistor is ideal for use in acuator drives such as motors, relays, and solenoids.


1. High DC current gain due to Darlington connection
2.  High surge resistance due to on-chip protection elements:
C to E: Dumper diode
C to B: Zener diode
3.  Low collector saturation voltage


D1843 datasheet pdf pinout

D1843 Datasheet