D3V-16G-1C5 Datasheet – 16A, Switch Snap Action

Part Number : D3V-16G-1C5

Function : Miniature Basic Switch – D3V

Manufacturers : OMRON Corporation

Image :

D3V-16G-1C5 datasheet


Description :

Reliable Basic Switch with External Lever

1. Available by 0.1 A, 6 A, 11 A, 16 A and 21 A models, all with self-cleaning contacts.
0.1 A utilizes gold alloy crossbar contacts for high reliability at low loads.
2. Available with internally or externally fitted levers, and 2 fixing positions for external levers.
3. Conforms to EN61058-1 UL1054.
4. High Temperature models rated up to 200°C (D3V-6, D3V-01) and 155°C (D3V-11) are available.
5. RoHS Compliant.

Other data sheets within the file : D3V-01, D3V-01-1, D3V-01-2, D3V-01-3, D3V-011-1

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