D55342 Datasheet PDF (Film Resistor)

Part Number : D55342

Function : QPL MIL-PRF-55342 Qualified Thin Film Resistor, Surface Mount Chip

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :

D55342 datasheet

Description :

Thin Film Mil chip resistors feature all sputtered wraparound termination for excellent  adhesion and dimensional uniformity. They are ideal in applications requiring stringent
performance requirements. Established reliability is assured through 100 % screening and extensive environmental lot testing.

• Established reliability, “S” failure rate level (10 ppm), C = 2
• High purity alumina substrate
• Wraparound termination featuring a tenacious adhesion layer covered with an electroplated nickel barrier layer for +150 °C operating conditions
• Very low noise and voltage coefficient
(< -25 dB, 0.5 ppm/V)
• Non-inductive
• Laser-trimmed tolerances ± 0.1 %
• Wraparound resistance less than 0.010 typical


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D55342 pdf

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