D6282 PDF Datasheet – Dual 4.6W Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: D6282

Function: Dual 4.6W Audio Power Amplifier

Package ; SIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: CHMC, Wuxi China Resources Silicon Microelectronics


D6282 pdf datasheet


D6282 is a dual-channel audio power amplifier integrated circuit with built-in temperature overheating protection circuit and power adjustment switch. It is suitable for audio power amplification of portable recorders. The circuit is packaged in a 12-pin single-in-line package.

A dual-channel audio power amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies audio signals and provides separate amplification for two audio channels, typically the left and right channels of a stereo audio system. It takes low-power audio signals from a source (such as a music player or a preamplifier) and boosts them to higher power levels suitable for driving speakers.[…]


1. High output power

(1) POUT=2.5W/CH(Typical) (Vcc=9V,RL=4Ω,f=1kHz,THD=10%)

(2) POUT=4.6W/CH(Typical) (Vcc=12V,RL=4Ω,f=1kHz,THD=10%)

2. Low startup noise;

3. Small quiescent current; ICCQ=19mA (typical) (Vcc=9V, VIN=0) FSIP12 z Soft Clamping

4. Built-in thermal protection circuit

5. Best power supply voltage 9V, 12V

6. Working power supply voltage range: Vcc=6~15V

D6282 pinout amplifier

D6282 PDF Datasheet