D6282 PDF Datasheet – Dual 4.6W Audio Power Amplifier

This post explains for the audio amplifier.

Part Number is D6282.

The function of this semiconductor is Dual 4.6W Audio Power Amplifier.

Manufacturers : ETC, Package : FSIP 12 Type

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Description :

The D6282 is a dual audio power amplifier integrated circuit, built-in temperature overheating protection Road, power adjustment switch. Suitable for portable tape recorders for audio power amplification. The circuit is 12-pin single in-line package.


1. Boot noise is small

2. quiescent current is small; ICCQ = 19mA (typical) (Vcc = 9V, VIN = 0) Soft-edged

3. Built-in thermal protection circuit

4. the best power supply voltage 9V, 12V

5. operating power supply voltage range: Vcc = 6 ~ 15V 


D6282 Datasheet