D71055C Datasheet – Parallel Interface Unit

Part Number : D71055C

Function : Low-power CMOS programmable Parallel Interface Unit

Package : 40 Pin DIP, 44 Pin QFP, 44 Pin PLCC type

Manufacturers : NEC Electronics

Image :

D71055C uPD71055C NEC

Description :

The D17055C is a low-power CMOS programmable parallel interface unit for use in microcomputer systems. Typically, the unit’s three I/O ports interface peripheral devices to the system bus.


D71055C Datasheet pinout


1. Three 8-bit I/O ports
2. Three programmable operation modes
3. Bit manipulation command
4. Microcomputer compatible
5. CMOS technology
6. Industrial temperture range : -40 ~ +85’C
7. 8 MHZ and 10 MHZ


D71055C Datasheet PDF


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