D78044HGF Datasheet – 8-Bit, Microcomputer ( PDF )

Part Number : D78044HGF


Package : QFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturers : NEC (Renesas Technology)

Pinouts :

D78044HGF datasheet


Description :

The D78044HGF, µPD78044H, µPD78045H, and µPD78046H are µPD78044H sub-series products in the 78K/0 series. These microcomputers are advanced models of the µPD78044A sub-series, featuring the added N-ch open-drain I/O ports.

In addition, the µPD78P048B (one-time PROM or EPROM model) that can operate in the same voltage range as that of the mask ROM models, and various development tools are provided.

Features :

1. I/O ports: 68 (N-ch open-drain I/O: 13)

2. High-capacity ROM and RAM

3. Serial interface: 1 channel

4. Timer: 5 channels

5. Power supply voltage: VDD = 2.7 to 5.5 V

6. FIP controller/driver: total display outputs: 34

7. 8-bit resolution A/D converter: 8 channels

Applications :

1. VCRs, audio systems, etc


Other data sheets within the file :

D78044H, D78045H, D78045HGF, D78046H, UPD78044H


D78044HGF Datasheet PDF Download

D78044HGF pdf