DAS001 Datasheet PDF ( = TSM103W ) – STMicro, SO-8

Part Number : DAS001

Function : Regulator  / Step Down / Buck Converter

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type


Image :

DAS001 image

Description :

This is Dual Operational Amplifier and Voltage Reference.

The DAS001 is a monolithic IC that includes one independent op-amp and another op-amp for which the non-inverting input is wired to a 2.5V fixed Voltage Reference. This device offers both space and cost savings in many applications such as power supply management or data acquisition systems.

Pinouts :

DAS001 datasheet

Features :

1. Low Input Offset Voltage

2. Low Supply Current

3. 1.5kV ESD Protection

4. Fixed output voltage reference 2.5 V

DAS001 Datasheet PDF

( = TSM103W )


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