DBXLH-6565B-VTM Datasheet – 4-port Sector Antenna

Part Number : DBXLH-6565B-VTM

Function : DualPol Dual Band Antenna

Package : Module Type

Manufacturers : Commscope

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DBXLH-6565B-VTM datasheet


Description :

DualPol Dual Band Antenna, 824–960 MHz and 1710–2180 MHz, 65° horizontal beamwidth, RET compatible variable electrical tilt

1. Two DualPol antennas under one radome
2. Interleaved dipole technology providing for attractive, low wind load mechanical package
3. Each antenna is independently capable of field adjustable electrical tilt
4. Fully compatible with Andrew Teletilt remote control system
Reference Site : http://www.commscope.com/catalog/wireless/2147485490/product_details.aspx?id=15599

Other data sheets within the file : DBXLH-6565B-A2M, DBXLH-6565B-R2M, DBXLH6565BVTM

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