DF6113 Datasheet – LED Backlight Driver

This post explains for LED Driver.

The Part Number is DF6113.

The function of this semiconductor is LED Backlight Driver.

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: HJH

Preview images :

DF6113 pinout datasheet


The DF6113 is a simple LED controller IC that boosts a 5-24V DC input to produce a precision, current-regulated output. The DF6113 is especially suited to LCD backlight applications.

An LED backlight driver is a specific type of power supply or driver circuit designed to power and control the operation of LED backlights used in displays, such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens. LED backlights provide the necessary illumination for the display panel in applications like televisions, computer monitors, mobile devices, and automotive displays.


1. DC input voltage range 5-24V
2. Single configurable current-regulated output
3. Positive or inverted analog dimming control
4. Output short-circuit and over-voltage protection


DF6113 pdf

DF6113 Datasheet

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