DG201B Datasheet – Quad CMOS Analog Switch ( PDF )

Part Number : DG201B

Function : Improved quad CMOS analog switches, +/-22-V supply voltage rating, low on-resistance 45Ohm

Package : SOIC and TSSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :

DG201B datasheet


Description :

The DG201B, DG202B analog switches are highly improved versions of the industry-standard DG201A, DG202. These devices are fabricated in VishaySiliconix’ proprietary silicon gate CMOS process, resulting in lower on-resistance, lower leakage, higher speed, and lower power consumption.

These quad single-pole single-throw switches are designed for a wide variety of applications in telecommunications, instrumentation, process control, computer peripherals, etc.

An improved charge injection compensation design minimizes switching transients. The DG201 and DG202 can handle up to ± 22 V input signals, and have an improved continuous current rating of 30 mA. An epitaxial layer prevents latchup.

Schematic Diagram :

Features :

• ± 22 V supply voltage rating
• TTL and CMOS compatible logic
• Low on-resistance – RDS(on): 45 Ω
• Low leakage – ID(on): 20 pA
• Single supply operation possible
• Extended temperature range
• Fast switching – tON: 120 ns
• Low glitching – Q: 1 pC

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