DG3C3020CL Datasheet – 300V, 250A IGBT – Panasonic

This is one of the semiconductor types.

This part name is DG3C3020CL. DG3C302.

This product has 330V IGBT, Ultra-Fast Power Transistor functions.

The pacakge is TO-220C-G2.

Manufacturers of product is Panasonic.


Image :  DG3C3020CL image

DG3C301 (DG3C3010CL) marking DG301.
DG3C302 (DG3C3020CL) marking DG302.

Some of the text files within the PDF file :

PDP Panel Control Unit
IGBTs for driving PDPs that respond to the high-speed switching characteristics and low loss characteristics demands that accompany reduced power consumption and higher video quality.

DG3C3020CL Datasheet

DG3C302 Datasheet, DG301 Datasheet

Points on Appeal (Features)
• Can control high currents.
• Heat generation during circuit operation is minimized through high-speed switching and low VCE(sat) characteristics

DG3C3020CL pdf