DG502AP PDF Datasheet – 2-DOOR Controller

Part Number: DG502AP


Manufacturer: CDVI


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This is 2-DOOR CONTROLLER. Request-to-Exit input 1 Request-to-Exit input 2 Common REX inputs N/C Contact door Common N/O Contact door Varistor Jumper for reset Tamper Switch output NOTICE DE This device comes with a varistor. The varistor must be connected to the strike terminal (electromagnet…) operated by the device. If this product works with many strikes, each of them should have a varistor. The varistor controls the overload produced by the strike coil – self-effect. If you are using a « Shear Lock » electromagnetic lock, it is recommended to use a separate power supply than the one connected to the DG502U! Edition 12/2005 Technical specifications Input voltage Outputs Tamper switch Cardholders Master code Inputs Controller Distance between the remote readers and the controller 12 VAC/DC 2 form C relays N/O and N/C 3A @ 125V 500 MA @ 50 VAC/DC 500 badges 5-digit master code 2 REX inputs 12-digit keypad with built-in buzzer (Audible feedback) 60 cm minimum, 50 meters maximum (cable spec. 7 x 0.6 mm2) Default Factory Values Master Code: Door release time: Key-in Keypad: Enrollment unit: 12345 1 second 10 seconds Built-in reader in controller Power consumption DG502 only: 160mA DG502 with 1 remote reader: 240mA DG502 with 2 remote readers: 320mA Audible Sound Feedback 1 long beep 2 short beeps 4 short beeps Validation of data in programming mode: master code, proximity badge or time delay. Or access code validated Accessing the programming mode or exit from the programming mode Badge not programmed (invalid badge) or incorrect master code or time delay entered Visual LED Feedback LED Green Red orange orange flashing Stand-by mode Door relay activated Alarm activated Stand-by Programming mode User location free User location Programming mode Error data computing Request-to-Exit Inputs The two request-to-exit inputs PB1 and PB2 operate relay RL1 and RL2. The LED turns on green when the relay is activated by one of the two inputs. 2 Edition 12/2005 Change the Master Code 1. Enter the master code twice (for the first use the master code default value is 12345). 2 beeps and the orange LED lights on confirming that you are in programming mode. 2. Enter *3 then the 5-digit new master code. The LED goes off during 1 second and an audible beep indicates that the new master code is memorised. 3. Press # to exit from the programming mode. 2 beeps confirm that you went back to the reading mode. 4 beeps indicate a data comput […]


DG502AP Datasheet