DIP05-1Axx-xx PDF – Reed Relay – Molded DIP Type

Part Number: DIP05-1Axx-xx

Function: Reed Relay

Package: Molded DIP Type

Manufacturer: MEDER Electronic

Images:DIP05-1Axx-xx pdf pinout


DIP05-1A72-13L is Reed Relay. A reed relay is an electromagnetic switch that uses a small electromagnet to control the opening and closing of a set of flexible metal reeds (typically made of ferromagnetic materials like nickel-iron alloy). Reed relays are commonly used in various electronic and electrical applications where a compact and reliable switching solution is needed.

The DIP series is a very compact design having a low profile package and a high profile package. This series is compatible with all DIP relays.


1. High resistance option available

2. SMD version available

3. Diode option available

4. Mercury wetted switch option available

DIP05-1Axx-xx datasheet

Reed relays find application in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, test and measurement equipment, automation and control systems, medical devices, automotive electronics, and more. They are used for tasks such as signal routing, switching, and isolation in these applications.

Characteristics :

1. Low profile package

2. Standard pin configurations

3. IC-pin compatible

4. 4.25 kVDC breakdown voltage for pin out 13

DIP05-1Axx-xx PDF Datasheet

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