DK112 Datasheet – Switching Power Supply Control Chip – DK

Part Number : DK112

Function : Switching Power Supply Control Chip

Package : SOP 8 Pin type

Manufactures : Bright Power Semiconductor ( )

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DK112 chip is a dedicated low-power switching power supply control chip, widely used in power adapter, LED power, Induction Cooker, air conditioning, DVD and other small household electrical appliances.





1. The use of two-chip design, high-voltage switch tube bipolar transistor design to reduce product cost; control circuit using large-scale MOS digital circuit design, and E-driven bipolar drive crystal chip to improve the high-voltage switch The safe pressure value of the tube. Built-in self-powered circuit, no external power to the chip to effectively reduce the number of external components and cost.

2. Chip integrated high-voltage constant-current start-up circuit, without an external start resistor.

3. Built-in over-current protection circuit, overload protection circuit, the output short-circuit protection circuit, temperature protection circuit and light lotus failure protection circuit.

4. Built-in slope compensation circuit to ensure that the low-voltage and high power output when the circuit is stable.

5. Built-in PWM oscillator circuit, and has a shaking frequency function to ensure good EMC characteristics.

6. Built-in frequency conversion function, standby automatically reduce the operating frequency, to meet the European green energy standards (<0: 3W) at the same time, reduce the output voltage ripple.

7. Built-in high voltage protection, when the input bus voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the chip will automatically shut down and restart delay.

8. Built-in ramp current drive circuit, reducing the power consumption of the chip and improve the efficiency of the circuit.

9. 4KV anti-static ESD test.

Application Circuit


DK112 Datasheet