DLA001D Datasheet – Resonant Controller – STMicroelectronics

Part Number : DLA001D


Manufactures : STMicroelectronics

Package : SOP 16 Pin Type

Image :

Description :

The DLA001D device is manufactured with the BCD™ offline technology, able to ensure voltage ratings up to 600 V, making it perfectly suited for AC/DC adapters and wherever a resonant topology can be beneficial. The device is intended to drive two power MOSFETs, in the classical half bridge topology. A dedicated timing section allows the designer to set soft-start time, soft-start and minimum frequency. An error amplifier, together with the two enable inputs, are made available. In addition, the integrated bootstrap diode and the Zener clamping on low voltage supply, reduces to a minimum the external parts needed in the applications.

DLA001D Datasheet

L6598D Datasheet

DLA001D Datasheet

Datasheet Download : [ DLA001D.PDF ]


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