DLPC2607 Datasheet – DLP Digital Controller ( PDF )

Part Number: DLPC2607

Function: DLP PICO Processor 2607 ASIC

Packaged : 176-Pin, 0.4-mm Pitch, VFBGA Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

DLPC2607 datasheet



The DLPC2607 is a low-power DLP digital controller for battery-powered display applications.

The controller performs the image processing and display control necessary to support the .3 WVGA, .24 VGA, and .2 nHD DMDs.

The DLPC2607 device can be used in systems where the projection display is embedded in a mobile device, as well as in accessory systems.

Block Diagram :



• Supports Reliable Operation of the 0.2-nHD, 0.24-VGA, and 0.3-WVGA DMDs

• Multi-Mode, 24-Bit Input Pixel Interfaces :

(1) Supports Parallel or BT656 Bus Protocol

(2) Supports Input Sizes from QVGA Through WVGA

• Pixel Data Processing :

(1) Image Resizing (Scaling)

(2) Frame Rate Conversion

(3) Color Coordinate Adjustment


1. Mobile Accessories

2. Wearable (Near-Eye) Displays

3. Battery-Operated Projectors

Other data sheets are available within the file: DLPC2607ZVB


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