DP2525 Datasheet – PWM Power Switch (PSR), SOP-7

DP2525 IC is high performance Primary Side Regulation (PSR) controller.

Part Number : DP2525

Function : Primary Side Regulation (PSR), PWM Power Switch

Package : SOP 7 Pin Type

Manufactures : Shenzhen Developer Microelectronics (depuw.com)

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DP2525 datasheet pdf

Description :

DP2525 is a low cost and high performance Primary Side Regulation (PSR) controller for offline small power converter applications which can provide very tight output voltage regulation (CV) and output current control (CC) ideal for charging applications.


DP2525 ic pinout controller


1. Low Cost Solution Buil-in 800V power BJT
2. Multi-Mode PSR Control
3. Audio Noise Free Operation
4. ±4% CC and CV Regulation
5. Optimized Dynamic Response
6. Low Standby Power <70mW



1. Battery Chargers for Cellular Phones
2. AC/DC Power Adapter and LED Lightings

Other data sheets within the file : DP-2525

DP2525 Datasheet