DRD5940H55 Datasheet PDF – 5500V, 5940A, Rectifier Diode

Part Number: DRD5940H55

Function : Rectifier Diode ( VRRM 5500V, IF(AV) 5940A )

Package outline type code: H

Manufacturer: DYNEX ( www.dynexsemi.com )



The DRD5940H55 is 5500V, 5940A, Diode.

A recovery diode is a type of diode that is used in power electronics circuits to control the flyback voltage that is generated when a switch (such as a transistor or thyristor) is turned off. The flyback voltage is a high-frequency, high-voltage spike that occurs when the energy stored in the inductive load is rapidly dissipated as the switch is turned off.

The recovery diode is connected in parallel with the inductive load and is designed to conduct current as soon as the switch is turned off, effectively short-circuiting the flyback voltage and preventing it from damaging the switch or other components in the circuit. The diode will then cease conducting as the flyback voltage decays, allowing the switch to turn on again.


1. Double Side Cooling
2. High Surge Capability



1. Peak repetitive peak reverse voltage : VRRM = 5500V
2. Average forward current : IF(AV) 5940A
3. Peak forward current : IFSM = 93600A


Voltage Ratings


Official Homepage: https://www.dynexsemi.com/

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DRD5940H55 Datasheet PDF


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