DRV2604L Datasheet – 2 to 5.2 V Haptic Driver ( PDF )

Part Number: DRV2604L

Function: 2 to 5.2 V Haptic Driver for LRA and ERM With Internal Memory and Smart-Loop Architecture

Package: DSBGA (9) , VSSOP (10) Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


DRV2604L datasheet



The DRV2604L device includes enough integrated RAM to allow the user to pre-load over 100 customized smart-loop architecture waveforms. These waveforms can be instantly played back through I2C or optionally triggered through a hardware trigger terminal.



• Immersion TouchSense® 3000 Compatible
• Drive Compensation Over Battery Discharge
• Wide Voltage Operation (2 V to 5.2 V)
• Efficient Differential Switching Output Drive
• PWM Input with 0% to 100% Duty-Cycle Control Range
• Hardware Trigger Input
• Fast Startup Time
• 1.8-V Compatible, VDD-Tolerant Digital Interface


• Mobile Phones
• Tablets

Other data sheets are available within the file: DRV2604, DRV-2604, DRV-2604L


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