DRV8844 Datasheet – Quad ½-H-Bridge Driver IC – TI

Part Number : DRV8844, DRV8844PWPR

Function : 60V, 2.5A, Quad ½-H-Bridge Driver IC

Package : HTSSOP (28) Type

Manufactures : Texas Instruments



Description :

The DRV8844 provides four individually controllable 1/2-H-bridge drivers. It can be used to drive two DC motors, one stepper motor, four solenoids, or other loads. The output driver channel for each channel consists of N-channel power MOSFET’s configured in a 1/2-H-bridge configuration.

Separate inputs to independently control each 1/2-H-bridge are provided. To allow operation with split supplies, the logic inputs and nFAULT output are referenced to a separate floating ground pin.



Features :

1. Quad 1/2-H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

(1) Can Drive Four Solenoids, Two DC Motors, One Stepper Motor, or Other Loads

(2) Full Individual Half Bridge Control

(3) Low MOSFET On-Resistance

2. 2.5-A Maximum Drive Current at 24 V, 25°C

3. Floating Input Buffers Allow Dual (Bipolar) Supplies (up to ±30 V)

4. Built-In 3.3-V, 10-mA LDO Regulator



Applications :

1. Textile Machines

2. Office Automation Machines

3. Gaming Machines

4. Factory Automation

5. Robotics


Official Homepage : https://www.ti.com/product/DRV8844


DRV8844 Datasheet PDF


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