DS26LS32MQML Datasheet – Differential Line Receiver

Part Number : DS26LS32MQML

Function : Quad Differential Line Receiver

Package : DIP 16 Pin, 20-Lead LCCC Type

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

DS26LS32MQML datasheet


• High Differential or Common-Mode Input Voltage Ranges of ±7V on the DS26LS32.
• ±0.2V Sensitivity Over the Input Voltage Range on the DS26LS32.
• DS26LS32 Meet All Requirements of RS-422 and RS-423
• 6k Minimum Input Impedance
• 100 mV Input Hysteresis on the DS26LS32
• Operation From a single 5V Supply
• TRI-STATE Outputs, with Choice of Complementary Output Enables for Receiving Directly onto a Data Bus

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