DS90UB954 Datasheet – Dual 2MP FPD-Link III Deserializer

Part Number : DS90UB954, DS90UB954-Q1

Function : Dual 2MP FPD-Link III Deserializer With CSI-2 Outputs for 2MP/60fps Cameras and RADAR

Package : 48-Pin VQFN type

Manufactures : Texas Instruments




The DS90UB954 is a versatile dual deserializer hub capable of receiving serialized sensor data from one or two independent sources through an FPD-Link III interface. When paired with a DS90UB953-Q1 serializer, the DS90UB954 receives data from imagers, supporting 2MP/60fps and 4MP/30fps cameras as well as satellite RADAR and other sensors such as ToF and LIDAR. Data is received and aggregated into a MIPI CSI-2 compliant output for interconnect to a downstream processor. For sensors with DS90UB933-Q1 and DS90UB913A-Q1 serializers, the DS90UB954-Q1 receives and aggregates data from one or two sensors including Full HD 1080p 2MP 60/fps imager sensors. When configuring the CSI-2 interface for 2-lane operation a duplicate MIPI CSI-2 clock lane is available to provide a replicated output. Replication mode creates two copies of the aggregated video stream for data logging and parallel processing.



1. AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications:
(1) Device Temperature Grade 2: –40℃ to +105℃ Ambient Operating Temperature Range
(2) Device HBM ESD Classification Level ±4 kV
(3) Device CDM ESD Classification Level C5

2.Dual Deserializer Hub Aggregates One or Two Active Sensors Over FPD-Link III Interface
3. Power-over-Coax (PoC) compatible Transceiver


• Automotive ADAS
– Rear View Cameras (RVC)
– Surround View Systems (SVS)
– Camera Monitor Systems (CMS)
– Forward Vision Cameras (FC)
– Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
– Satellite RADAR, Time of Flight (ToF) and LIDAR Sensor Modules

• Security and Surveillance


DS90UB954 Datasheet