EA-D16015 PDF – Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD Module

Part Number: EA-D16015

Function: Dot Matrix LCD Module

Manufacturer: EPSON Electronics


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EA-D16015 image


This is Alphanumeric Dot Matrix LCD Module.


1. Built in a display data RAM : 80 x 8 bits : for 80 characters

2. Maximum Display Digit x Line : 40 digits x 2 lines

3. Duty ratio : 1/16 ( by setting a command )

4. High Speed Bus Interface with 4 bits and 8 bits MPU

5. Many Display Control Instructions

6. Character Font : 5 x 7 dots + Cursor line


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Note ]

The display panel is made of glass. Care must be exercised to avoid dropping it or subjecting it to strong mechanical shocks.

Other data sheets are available within the file: EA-D24025, EA-D16025, EA-D40025, EA-D20025

EA-D16015 Datasheet

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