EDI88512CA Datasheet PDF

Part Number : EDI88512CA

Function : 512Kx8 Monolithic SRAM, SMD 5962-95600

Manufacturers : White Electronic Designs => Micro Semi

Pinouts :

EDI88512CA datasheet

Description :

The EDI88512CA is a 4 megabit Monolithic CMOS Static RAM.

The 32 pin DIP pinout adheres to the JEDEC evolutionary standard for the four megabit device. All 32 pin packages are pin for pin upgrades for the single chip enable 128K x 8, the EDI88128CS. Pins 1 and 30 be come the higher order addresses.

The 36 pin revolutionary pinout also adheres to the JEDEC standard for the four megabit device. The center pin power and ground pins help to reduce noise in high performance systems. The 36 pin pinout also allows the user an upgrade path to the future 2Mx8.

A Low Power version with Data Retention (EDI88512LPA) is also available for battery backed
applications. Military product is available compliant to Appendix A of MIL-PRF-38535.

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EDI88512CA pdf

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