EG8030 Datasheet PDF – Three-phase SPWM inverter ASIC

Part Number : EG8030

Function : Three-phase SPWM inverter ASIC

Package : LQFP44 Type

Manufacturers : EGmicro

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Description :

EG8030 is a digital, fully functional control of its own dead-phase pure sine wave inverter generator chip, you can configure four workers Modes can be used in DC-DC-AC power conversion architecture or two DC-AC single-stage frequency transformer boost conversion architecture. External 16MHz crystal oscillator

Device that can produce high-precision, distortion and harmonics are very small three-phase SPWM signal. And have the perfect sampling mechanism that can capture the current signal, temperature.

The degree of signal phase voltage signal, the implementation process to achieve output voltage regulation and various protection functions. Chip using CMOS technology, the internal integration SPWM Sine generator, dead time control circuit, the amplitude factor multiplier, soft-start circuitry.


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EG8030 Datasheet
EG8030 pdf