EN29F040-90PI Datasheet PDF

Part Number : EN29F040-90PI

Function : 4 Megabit (512K x 8-bit) flach memory. Speed 90ns. 5.0V operation for read/write/erase operations.

Manufacturers : Eon Silicon Solution

Pinouts :

EN29F040-90PI datasheet

Description :

The EN29F040 is a 4-Megabit, electrically erasable, read/write non-volatile flash memory. Organized
into 512K words with 8 bits per word, the 4M of memory is arranged in eight uniform sectors of
64Kbytes each. Any byte can be programmed typically in 10┬Ás. The EN29F040 features 5.0V
voltage read and write operation, with access times as fast as 45ns to eliminate the need for WAIT
states in high-performance microprocessor systems.

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