ER2D Datasheet PDF – 200V, 2A, Rectifier Diode – Diotec

Part Number: ER2D

Function: Superfast Switching Surface Mount Silicon Rectifier Diode

Package: DO-214AA Type

Manufacturer: Diotec Semiconductor Germany


ER2D datasheet


1. Vrrm up to 1000 V
2. Compliant to RoHS, REACH, Confilct Minerals

Typical Applications

1. Rectification of higher frequencies, High speed switching Commerial grade




Other data sheets are available within the file:

ER2A : 50 V
ER2B : 100 V
ER2G : 400 V
ER2J : 600 V
ER2K : 800 V
ER2M : 1000 V

ER2D Datasheet PDF

ER2D pdf

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