ESP8089 Datasheet – Highly-integrated 2.4G Wi-Fi SoC

Part Number : ESP8089

Function : High Performance Wireless SoC

Package : QFN32 Package ( 5x5mm )

Manufactures : Espressif ( )




The ESP8089 offers a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi networking solution, allowing it to either host the application or to off-load all Wi-Fi networking functions from another application processor.
When ESP8089 hosts the application, it is usually the only application processor in the device, with the user’s applications stored in an internal/external Flash. Alternately, serving as a Wi-Fi adapter, wireless internet access can be added to any microcontroller-based design with simple connectivity through the SPI/SDIO interface or the CPU AHB bridge interface






1. 802.11 b/g/n
2. Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), Miracast, SoftAP
3. Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
4. Integrated PLL, regulators, and power management units
5. +19 dBm output power in 802.11 b mode
6. Power down leakage current of < 10 μA
7. Integrated low power 32-bit CPU could be used as application processor
8. SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART
9. STBC, 1×1 MIMO, 2×1 MIMO
10. A-MPDU & A-MSDU aggregation & 0.4 μs guard interval
11. Wake up and transmit packets in < 22 ms
12. Standby power consumption of < 1.0 mW (DTIM3)


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ESP8089 Datasheet