EST7502C Datasheet – Power Supply Supervisor – EST

Part Number : EST7502C, Marking : EST.7502C

Function : Power Supply Supervisor With PWM Controller

Package : 16 Pin DIP or SOP

Manufactures : East Semiconductor ( )




The EST7502C is designed with a pulse-width-modulation control circuit and a complete power supervisor for use in the switched mode power supply. It contains various functions, like under voltage protection (UVP), over voltage protection (OVP), power good output (PG) and ON/OFF control (REM). UVP(Under voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V outputs. OVP(Over voltage protection) function is for +3.3V, +5V, +12V and PT is for extra protection input. PG(Power good signal) is a safe operation signal to inform the external parts. REM(Remote on/off) is used to control the SMPS on/off. The REM control signal has the on/off transferred debounce–time.






1. 3-channel under voltage protection (UVP)
2. 3-channel over voltage protection (OVP)
3. 1-channel extra protection (PT)
4. 1-channel sense input to control the PG (SEN)
5. Remote on/off control function (REM)
6. Dual output for push-pull operation (OP1/OP2)
7. Soft start capability by external capacitor (SS)
8. VCC under voltage lockout


Application Circuit



EST7502C Datasheet