F06C20C Datasheet – FO6C20C Power Rectifiers – Mospec

Part Number: F06C20C ( FO6C20C -> Correct Part Number F06C20C )

Function: Switchmode / Dual Fast Recovery Power Rectifiers

Package: TO-220AB Type

Manufacturer: Mospec Semiconductor


F06C20C datasheet


The F06C20C designed for use in switching power supplies. Inverters and as free wheeling diodes.


1. Glass Passivated chip

2. Low reverse Leakage Current

3. Fast Switching for High Efficiency

4.  Low Forward Voltage, High Current Capability

5. 150°C Operating Junction Temperature

F06C20C Spec Sheet

Other data sheets are available within the file: F06C20C, FO6C20C, F06C05, F06C20

F06C20C Datasheet DF Download

F06C20C pdf

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