F12C20C Datasheet – 12A, 200V, Recovery Rectifier

Part Number : F12C20C

Function : Switchmode dual fast recovery power rectifier, 12A / 200V

Package : TO-220AB Type

Manufacturers : Mospec Semiconductor

Image :

F12C20C mospec


Description :

Inverters and as free wheeling diodes. These state-of-the-art devices have the following features.

Switchmode Dual Fast Recovery Power Rectifiers



1. Glass Passivated cip juctions

2. Low Reverse Leakage Current

3. Fast Switching for High Efficiency

4. 150°C Operating Juction Temperature

5. Low forward voltage, High current capability


1. Automotive Environment(Inverters/Converters)
2. Plating Power Supply,Adaptor,SMPS and UPS
3. Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device System


Electrical Characteristics

F12C20C datasheet

F12C20C Datasheet PDF Download



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