F16-100HIP PDF Datasheet – 16 Megabit Serial Flash Memory

Part Number: F16-100HIP, EN25F16-100HIP

Function: 16 Megabit Serial Flash Memory with 4Kbytes Uniform Sector

Package: DIP, SOP 8 Pin, SOP 300mil 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Eon Silicon Solution

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F16-100HIP is 16 Megabit Serial Flash Memory with 4Kbytes Uniform Sector.

A 16 Megabit (Mb) serial flash memory refers to a type of non-volatile memory device that has a storage capacity of 16 million bits, or 2 million bytes. This memory is commonly used to store program code, data, and configuration settings in various electronic devices, including microcontrollers, embedded systems, IoT devices, and more.

Serial flash memories are commonly used for firmware storage, bootloading, parameter storage, configuration settings, and data logging in a wide range of applications, including microcontrollers, sensors, communication modules, and more.


• Single power supply operation
– Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6 volt

• 16 Mbit Serial Flash
– 16 M-bit/2048 K-byte/8192 pages
– 256 bytes per programmable page

• High performance
– 100MHz clock rate

• Low power consumption
– 5 mA typical active current
– 1 μA typical power down current

• Uniform Sector Architecture:
– 512 sectors of 4-Kbyte
– 32 blocks of 64-Kbyte
– Any sector or block can be erased individually […]

F16-100HIP pinout datasheet

SPI Modes:

The EN25F16 is accessed through an SPI compatible bus consisting of four signals: Serial Clock (CLK), Chip Select (CS#), Serial Data Input (DI) and Serial Data Output (DO). Both SPI bus operation Modes 0 (0,0) and 3 (1,1) are supported. The primary difference between Mode 0 and Mode 3, as shown in Figure 3, concerns the normal state of the CLK signal when the SPI bus master is in standby and data is not being transferred to the Serial Flash. For Mode 0 the CLK signal is normally low. For Mode 3 the CLK signal is normally high.

F16-100HIP PDF Datasheet