F30U60DN PDF Datasheet – 600V, 30A, Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: F30U60DN, FFAF30U60DN

Function: 600V, 30A, Recovery Power Rectifier

Package: TO-3PF Type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

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1. Anode 2.Cathode 3. Anode


F30U60DN is 30A, 600V, Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier. An Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier (UFRR) is a type of diode designed to have a very fast reverse recovery time, making it suitable for high-frequency and high-efficiency applications. Diodes are semiconductor devices that allow current to flow in one direction while blocking it in the opposite direction.

In traditional rectifier diodes, there is a certain amount of time required for the diode to transition from the conducting state to the non-conducting state when the polarity of the applied voltage is reversed. This time delay is known as the reverse recovery time. During this transition period, a reverse current (also called reverse recovery current) can flow through the diode, causing losses and potentially reducing efficiency, especially in high-frequency applications.

Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifiers are specifically designed to minimize this reverse recovery time. They achieve this by using specialized materials and optimized construction techniques that reduce the charge storage within the diode’s junction. As a result, the diode can quickly switch from the conducting to the non-conducting state and vice versa.


• High voltage and high reliability

• High speed switching

• Low forward voltage


F30U60DN datasheet rectifier


1. General purpose

2. Switching mode power supply

3. Free-wheeling diode for motor application

4. Power switching circuits

F30U60DN PDF Datasheet