F4316MSF11 Datasheet PDF – Intermittent Power Faults IC

Part Number: F4316MSF11, F4316M, MC81F4316M

Function: 8-Bit Microcontroller, IC For Intermittent Power Faults

Package: SOP 28 Pin

Manufacturer: ABOV

F4316MSF11 image, datasheet


This is 8-bit Single-chip Microcontroller.

The F4316MSF11 is a CMOS 8 bit MCU which provides a 16K bytes FLASH-ROM and 512 bytes RAM.


12 bit ADC : It has 15 ch A/D Converter which can be used to measure minute electronic voltage and currents.

Development Tools :

The MC81F4x16 is supported by a full-featured macro assembler, C-Compiler, an in-circuit emulator CHOICE-Dr., FALSH programmers and ISP tools. There are two different type of programmers such as single type and gang type

Other data sheets are available within the file: MC81F4216D, MC81F4216B, MC81F4216U,

MC81F4316S, MC81F4316G, MC81F4316D, MC81F4316K, MC81F4316U,

MC81F4416K, MC81F4416Q

F4316MSF11 Datasheet PDF


Reference site : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermittent_fault

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