FDC37B80X Datasheet PDF Super I/O Controller – SMSC

Part Number : FDC37B80X

Function : PC98/99 Compliant Enhanced Super I/O Controller

Package : QFP 100 Pin Type

Manufacturers : SMSC ( Microchip )

Image and Pinouts :

FDC37B80X datasheet


Description :

Thw FDC37B80X is Super I/O Controller with Keyboard/Mouse Wake-Up.

The IC with IrDA V1.0 support incorporates a keyboard interface, SMSC’s true CMOS 765B floppy disk controller, advanced digital data separator, two 16C550A compatible UARTs, one Multi-Mode parallel port which includes ChiProtect circuitry plus EPP and ECP, on-chip 12mA AT bus drivers, one floppy direct drive support, and Intelligent Power Management including PME support.

Features :

1. 5 Volt Operation

2. PC98, PC99 Compliant

3. ISA Plug-and-Play Compatible Register Set

4. Intelligent Auto Power Management
(1) Shadowed Write-Only Registers
(2) Programmable Wake-up Event Interface

5. System Management Interrupt, Watchdog Timer

6. Floppy Disk Available on Parallel Port Pins


Other data sheets within the file : FDC37B802, FDC37B807

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