FP6861C PDF Datasheet – Power Distribution Switch

A power distribution switch is a device or component used in electrical systems to control the distribution of electrical power to various loads or devices. These switches are commonly found in industrial settings, buildings, data centers, and other applications where multiple electrical circuits need to be managed efficiently and safely.

Part Number: FP6861C

Function: Single-Channel Power Distribution Switch

Package: MSOP-8, SOP-8 and SOT-23-5 Type

Manufacturer: Fiti ( Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc )

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The FP6861C is a cost-effective, low voltage, single N-Channel MOSFET high-side power switch,
optimized for self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus (USB) applications.

The FP6861 is equipped with a charge pump circuitry to drive the internal MOSFET switch. The switch’s low RDS(ON) meets USB voltage drop requirement, and a flag output is available to indicate fault conditions to the local USB controller


1. Compliant to USB Specifications

2. Built-In Low RDS(ON) N-Channel MOSFET

3. Output can be Forced Higher than Input (Off-State)

4. Wide Input Voltage Ranges: 2.7V to 5.5V

5. Open-Drain Fault Flag Output

6. Hot Plug-In Application (Soft-Start)

7. 2.2V Typical Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

8. Current Limit Protection

9. Thermal Shutdown Protection

10. Reverse Current Flow Blocking (No Body Diode)

FP6861C pinout


1. USB Bus/Self Powered Hub

2. USB Peripheral

3. ACPI Power Distribution

4. Notebook, Motherboard PC

5. Battery-Charger Circuit

FP6861C PDF Datasheet