G4PF50WD Datasheet – N-Ch, 900V, IGBT – IRG4PF50WD

This post explains for the semiconductor G4PF50WD.

The Full Part Number is IRG4PF50WD. The package is TO-247AC type.

The function of this semiconductor is 900V, INSULATED GATE BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR.

The manufacturers of this product is International Rectifier.

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G4PF50WD datasheet image

Description :

• Optimized for use in Welding and Switch-Mode Power Supply applications
• Industry benchmark switching losses improve efficiency of all power supply topologies
• 50% reduction of Eoff parameter
• Low IGBT conduction losses
• Latest technology IGBT design offers tighter parameter distribution coupled with exceptional reliability
• IGBT co-packaged with HEXFREDTM ultrafast, ultra-soft-recovery anti-parallel diodes for use in bridge configurations


• Lower switching losses allow more cost-effective operation and hence efficient replacement of larger-die MOSFETs up to 100kHz

• HEXFREDTM diodes optimized for performance with IGBTs. Minimized recovery characteristics reduce noise, EMI and switching losses



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G4PF50WD pdf pinout

G4PF50WD Datasheet