G5380B Datasheet – 8A Synchronous Buck Converter – GMT

art Number : G5380B, G5380BQN1U

Function : High Efficiency 8A Synchronous Buck Converter for 3.3V System Power

Package: QFN4X4-28 Type

Marking Information : 5380B

Manufacturer: Global Mixed-mode Technology ( http://www.gmt.com.tw/ )


G5380B datasheet


G5380B is a 8A, synchronous DC/DC buck converter with integrated 20mΩN-channel high-side MOSFET and 17mΩN-channel low-side MOSFET. It uses constant on-time control scheme to handle wide input/output voltage ratios with ease and provides 100ns “instant-on”response to load transients while maintaining a relatively constant switching frequency. The G5380B achieves high efficiency at a reduced cost by eliminating the current-sense resistor found in traditional current-mode PWMs. Single-stage buck conversion allows these devices to directly step down high-voltage batteries for the highest possible efficiency. The built-in 3.3V LDO supports 80mA for internal circuit with automatic bootstrapping to DC/DC
converter output. The G5380B is intended for the 5V system power supply of Notebook Computer.


1. Ultra-High Efficiency
2. Low Quiescent Current of 40µA
3. Integrated 17mΩ at VCC=5V N-Channel MOSFET for Low Side
4. Integrated 20mΩ at VCC=5V N-Channel MOSFET for High Side

1. Notebook Computers
2. I/O Supply
3. Networking Power Supply

G5380B Datasheet


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