G5LE-14-ACD Datasheet – Power Relay, 18VD, SPDT

Part Number : G5LE-14-ACD

Function : PCB Relay – A Cubic, Single-pole 10-A Power Relay

Manufacturers : OMRON Corporation

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G5LE-14-ACD datasheet


Description :

1.Subminiature “sugar cube” relay.

2. Contact ratings of 10 A.

3 Withstands impulses of up to 4,500 V.

4. Two types of seal available: flux protec plastic-sealed.

5. UL class-B insulation certified, UL clas

6. Manufacturing facility in compliance wi automotive quality system standards.

7. Ideal for applications in security equipm electrical appliances, garage door open equipment.


1. High Capacity (-E) and 0.8mm Contact Gap (-G) versions

2. Subminiature “sugar cube” relay with universal footprint.

3. Conforms to EN 61810-1. UL recognized/ CSA certified.

4. UL class-F coil insulation model available
(UL class-B coil insulation for standard model).

5. Withstands impulse of up to 4,500 V.

6. 400-mW and 360-mW coil power types available.

7. RoHS Compliant

Other data sheets within the file : G5LE-1, G5LE-1-ASI, G5LE-14, G5LE14ACD

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