GB75DA120UP Datasheet – 1200V, 75A, IGBT, Transistor

Part Number : GB75DA120UP

Function : Ultrafast IGBT, 1200V, 75 A

Package : SOT-227 Type

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :

GB75DA120UP datasheet

Description :

• NPT Generation V IGBT technology
• Square RBSOA
• HEXFRED® low Qrr, low switching energy
• Positive VCE(on) temperature coefficient
• Fully isolated package
• Speed 8 kHz to 60 kHz
• Very low internal inductance ( 5 nH typical)
• Industry standard outline


• Designed for increased operating efficiency in power conversion: UPS, SMPS, welding, induction heating

• Easy to assemble and parallel

• Direct mounting on heatsink

• Plug-in compatible with other SOT-227 packages

• Low EMI, requires less snubbing

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