GH-1A-12L Datasheet – 1 Pole, 12V Relay – Golden Tech

Part Number: GH-1A-12L

Function: 1 Pole, 12V Relay, 0.36W

Package: DIP 5 Pin PCB Type

Manufacturer: Golden Technology Group (H.K) Limited


GH-1A-12L datasheet relay


The GH-1A-12L is 1 Pole, 12V Relay.

A 12V relay is an electromechanical switch that is activated by an electrical signal of 12 volts. It consists of a coil, a set of contacts, and a mechanical mechanism that connects or disconnects the contacts when the coil is energized.

When the 12V signal is applied to the coil of the relay, it creates a magnetic field that pulls the contacts into the closed position. When the signal is removed, the contacts return to their original position. This allows the relay to switch high voltage and high current loads using a low voltage signal.


1. Superminiature, High power.
2. Low coil power consumption.
3. PC board mounting.

Contact Data:

1. Contact Arrangement: 1A, 1B, 1C
2. Contact Material  Nil: Ag, CdO S: Ag, SnO2
3. Contact Rating (resistive): 5A, 6A, 10A, 12A,15A/125VAC,28VDC; 6A/277VAC; 5A,10A/250VAC
4. Max. Switching Power: 336W 2500VA
5. Max. Switching Voltage: 110VDC 380VAC Max. Switching Current : 12A
6. Contact Resistance or Voltage drop: 50mΩMax. Item 3.12 of IEC255-7


GH-1A-12L pinout

Different types:

1. SPST(single-pole single-throw)

2. SPDT(single-pole double-throw)

3. DPST(double-pole single-throw)

4. DPDT(double-pole double-throw)

Ordering Information

GH-1A-12L schemetic

Applications :

1. Automation system, electronic equipment

2. Instrument and meter, communication facilities and remote control facilities.


Other data sheets are available within the file: GH-1A12L, GH1A12L, GH-1A-24L, GH1A24L

GH-1A-12L Datasheet PDF

GH-1A-12L pdf

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